Virtual Reality training Simulators for the Oil and Gas,
Power Generation, & the Petro-Chemical Industries

Our Mission

3D Media exists to Provide technological solutions to clients to save money, mitigate risk, and ensure the health and safety of personnel, assets, and the public. We operate with unshakeable integrity, character, and a people-centric focus.

Products and Services

3D Media designs, develops, and implements Virtual Reality training simulators for Oil and Gas, Power Generation, and the petro-chemical industry. Our simulators mitigate risk, significantly increase training retention, and ensure the safety of personnel. We utilize a proprietary process to capture, build, and integrate our tools smoothly into existing enterprise training programs. Our team consists the world’s best VR developers, 3D artists, and programmers working together to create exact replicas of working facilities. Our team of adult learning and change management experts make integration effortless.

SMARTvr Training Simulators:

3D media develops and designs custom training simulators for your industry, jobs, and facilities. We build Digital Twins of your spaces, add operability and real-to-life responses, then build a training plan based on our SMART model of technical Fundamentals:

Solid knowledge of design and theory

Monitor your process or plant effectively

Act with a conservative bias

Rigorous control of processes and evolutions


Laser Scanning and Photogramettry: 

Utilizing cutting edge hardware and the most advanced suite of software, we scan your space, and deliver workable files that vastly improve your workflow.

Virtual Reality for Training, Marketing, or Sales

Our Team

3D Media’s team of industrial experts, programmers, Capture technicians, and developers are subject matter experts in each of their respective fields. Our team can efficiently complete all VR or laser scanning projects you may need.

Why Virtual Reality?

63% of workplace injuries occur within an employee’s first year, with 33% of those occurring in the first 3 months of employment. We believe that our tools can greatly reduce those events by allowing new technicians to practice and learn tasks without the inherent risk. New employees can now perform tasks countless times, building muscle memory, thereby greatly improving retention of training material.

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